Taoiseach Streibl resigns: Social Democrats’ future uncertain

Last night’s unexpected resignation from the Taoiseach sent shockwaves around the country, and
most importantly in the Social Democrats. Let’s take a look at who may succeed the 80% approved
Taoiseach as leader of the Social Democrats.

Nobody saw the resignation coming last night. With his referendum paying off, the Taoiseach
seemed certain on a path to a resounding victory in the next election. It was almost as if he had
experienced David Cameron’s dream of winning the referendum and staying on to lead the country
for another while.

Yet, things went a little differently for Streibl. Despite his high approval and popularity from the
constitutional referendum only a few weeks ago, the Taoiseach decided it was time for him to go.

This raises the question: who’s next? Who will take over and save the Social Democrats from an
embarrassing defeat at the next election? With Labour surging in the polls in second place, this could
be the tipping point that puts the Social Democrats out of office.


The Minister for Foreign Affairs and former Taoiseach is not the
best at keeping a straight face. With his devious smirks at
reporters when asked about a second term, he is certainly not
hiding his intentions. It would make sense for him to run to leave
behind a concrete legacy for himself just before he quits ROBLOX.
Some believe a second Seaquatic term could be a dig at the
moderation team, who have had multiple tantrums at their
former colleague. If Sea was to run, he would be favourite to win.


The former Foreign Minister recently returned from a long
period of inactivity to lead Ireland’s development team. He is
known to be a man who seeks political power a lot, so it would not
be surprising for him to make an attempt at Taoiseach for the
billionth time, similarly to Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately for
Sheamus, his popularity is not like Sanders’. Since becoming a
moderator, he has become somewhat of a laughing stock among
the Irish people. But, maybe he could recover. Then again, it’s
hard to teach an old dog new skills.


The first elected Taoiseach and failed presidential hopeful would
certainly have a battle to fight. His popularity is expected to have
dipped a little after changing his mind about running for
president. However, he could use another run for office as
redemption for his failed bid for the presidency. He’s won and lost
before, could this be a chance at a possible win for him? He would
be going up against a growing opposition, something that he is
not good at dealing with, as seen from the Whittaker Labour era.


RileyJohn02: the man, the myth, the legend. We all know he would
not be favourite to win or even come close to winning, but he
would certainly have a go at it. His long service to Ireland has
made him somewhat of a cultural icon and a representative of
what it means to be Irish. Then again, he could always surprise
everyone in a Trump-style victory, using his popularity to pave a
pathway for himself to become Taoiseach. Though it won’t be easy.

Whoever is brave enough to decide to take the reins and succeed OttoStreibl will have a tough battle
ahead of them. With rising popularity from smaller parties like Fianna Fáil and a clear sign of
readiness and experience from the Labour campaign HQ, the Social Democrats’ lead has become
uncertain and could be toppled in the next election.

The next few days will be crucial in determining who will lead the Social Democrats.

Anything could be a hint to the future: from a smirk to a statement.

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