2/12: Ireland and Northern Ireland commemorate Christmas Rising

On Sunday evening, officials from the Irish and Northern Irish governments commemorated the Christmas Rising at Parnell Square in Dublin.

The ceremony was attended by the President and Taoiseach of Ireland along with the First Minister of Northern Ireland.

The crowd was packed with prominent politicians, servicemen and women, and regular civilians seeking to remember the sullen day and the efforts that have been made to prevent another atrocity like 2/12.

A surprising figure who was also in attendance was the Archbishop of Dublin, leading a powerful prayer at the commemoration.

Despite the significance of the event, only three honours were given out by President Novak.

One went to former serviceman SheamusOCallaghan.

One went to former GardaĆ­ TaheOsbourne.

And the final one went to TomJWhittaker, who appeared confused as to why he was receiving an honour.

In a statement following the commemoration, the President spoke of the importance of leadership, accountability and hope.

He said to PoliticsNow:

True leadership is exemplified by admitting one’s wrongs and doing your best to improve. Ultimately, peace was brought about by honesty, accountability and unrelenting hope. I believe with all my heart that this is the most important lesson we could take from the Christmas Rising.


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